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EIP is a Maximo centric business helping you to realize the best investment in your EAM implementation. We can fully manage your EAM project or work as an augmentation to your existing staff for the following areas

EIP provides the following services for our clients:



EIP has performed numerous Maximo engagements.  Typically, we start our engagements by assessing your current processes to determine what the current process is, what the desired outcome is, and where the gaps are.  We are committed to staying current not only with Maximo and compatible products and technologies, but also with global technology as a whole.  Maximo business assessments can be performed for any reason, including new implementations, upgrades, reimplementation, integrations, reports, calibration, linear, etc.

EIP provides the following services for our clients:

  • Process design – assisting in the definition of new processes, often in relation to a new implementation, or expansion into a new usage area of Maximo.
  • Process redesign – assisting in the evaluation and redesign of ineffective or inefficient practices, incorporating best practices knowledge or the inclusion of new system functionality.
  • Documentation of existing processes – gathering process information from the client and providing thorough documentation of processes which were previously undocumented.
  • Adapting processes to Maximo – where possible, modifying existing business processes to better fit the Maximo application.  The goal is to maintain as close to an out-of-the-box system as possible, reducing future upgrade issues.
  • Adapting Maximo to processes (Gap Analysis and Options Analysis) – matching desired business process to functionality in Maximo, defining options available to effectively implement the processes.  Options generally include configurations, customizations, and workarounds.
  • Application of best practices to processes – applying industry-specific best practices knowledge to current processes, and recommending areas of process improvement that could or should be applied in Maximo to more closely align the organization with evolving standards, regulations, and practices.
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Our experience in conducting Maximo implementations has led us to develop several tools to simplify repetitive or laborious parts of the implementations process associated such as migrating data. We come to your project with these tools for our clients benefit in the completion of projects where appropriate.

EIP employs certified technical consultants with vast Maximo knowledge and has raised the bar by providing innovative solutions for our clients’ success.

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Each Maximo upgrade starts with two things:  a discussion of requirements, and an assessment of the existing Maximo system. Many times, these two steps can be achieved quickly, and sometimes at minimum to no cost. EIP partners with you to assess your needs and help you determine the best Maximo upgrade path for your business.

And while the end result – an upgraded Maximo system – is easily stated, EIP understands that there are multiple components and several different strategies for achieving a successful Maximo upgrade

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Most of EIP’s technical consultants are recognized systems integration experts. After all it is where we got our name. EIP has mastered the MIF (Maximo Integration Framework) and we are experts at using the Out of the box Object Strutures from IBM to expedite your development lifecycle.

EIP develops new integrations, converts existing integrations to support upgrade efforts or interface expansions, and provides troubleshooting and support for integrations.

Integrations is our specialty.

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EIP believes that one of the most effective training methods is done at the client site by implementation consultants and tailored to the needs of each client.  Because training is not a “one size fits all” package, EIP works to understand your team’s needs to develop training that fulfills your specific educational gaps. This approach has proven effective, efficient, and economical with our clients.

For each training course, EIP can provide documentation and material consisting of the product documentation released by IBM, client-specific training documentation, and/or online training — all tailored to meet the needs and intended usage of your users.

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EIP provides a variety of support services to our clients.  We are authorized to provide Level I support for the Maximo base product, post implementation support, and Premium support to provide you with additional flexibility.
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EIP: Who We Are

Enterprise Integration Partners (EIP) is a 100 percent IBM Maximo focused. We help your organization obtain the most optimal return on investment (ROI) in your organizations EAM implementation. The company is founded by consultants that have decades of experience with Maximo. Our consultants can guide your organization through the pitfalls of an Maximo implementation or assist in the complexities of an Upgrade. Whatever your company needs we are here to assist.

EIP offers Maximo solutions to a broad spectrum of industries that power and run the world.

Learn more about the breadth of Maximo services to support following sectors

Railroads and Transportation  Utilities and Energy  Healthcare and Life Sciences
Oil and Gas  State and Local Government  Defense and Aerospace
Airports and Aviation  Federal Government  Facilities

Whether you are considering a Maximo implementation or upgrade, integration with existing software, or need ongoing Maximo support and maintenance, EIP has a proven track record with clients in a wide range of industries as indicated above. We have successful implementations with the following clients:

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